Mission Statement

Wild Lens is a not for profit video production company focused on addressing wildlife conservation issues. We work alongside other non-profit organizations, independent researchers and government agencies to produce documentary films that inspire change. We work closely with our partner organizations throughout all stages of the production process, from developing story ideas to building targeted outreach campaigns based around a finished film.

Our approach towards filmmaking is unique in that we aim to tell stories from the perspectives of those who are working on the front lines of conservation issues across the globe. Every Wild Lens project is a collaborative effort between a dedicated group of wildlife biologists and an experienced team of filmmakers and producers.

Through this approach we have helped numerous organizations and researchers disseminate their message to a much broader audience than would have otherwise been possible. Each episode is tailored to address a specific conservation goal with distribution and marketing strategies designed to reach identified target groups. All of our producers have a background in both wildlife biology and video production and know better than anyone that every conservation issue is unique and requires an individual approach. See what our collaborators are saying about the Eyes on Conservation series at the Testimonials page.