From the Wild Nature Institute:

Wild Lens provided professional video content for our website that is helping us to attract and maintain visitors to the site. These videos not only educate but also inspire action for the conservation of wildlife. They are valuable tools we are using to educate about conservation of African wildlife.

-Monica Bond, Principal Scientist and Co-founder at the Wild Nature Institute

 From Intermountain Bird Observatory:

It has been a true pleasure to work with these young, professional, and creative filmmakers to chronicle our work. These short films serve as perfect introductions to our work for potential supporters or participants in our outreach programs. These innovative filmmakers have a great eye for capturing and documenting the work of wildlife professionals.

-Greg Kaltenecker, Executive Director at the Intermountain Bird Observatory

 From the Marine Mammal Center:

Wild Lens Inc has provided The Marine Mammal Center with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our work in a beautiful, professional way and reach tens of thousands of people regarding the work we do using stunning imagery and heartwarming storytelling. The videos provide a perfect medium for exhibit displays, website content, social media, and so much more!

-Adam Ratner, Guest Experience Manager at The Marine Mammal Center

From the Acorns to Oaks Private School:

The video Scavenger Hunt provides an intriguing examination of the impact that lead ammunition has on one of our most critically endangered species, the California condor. The film’s focus is on a man who is both a conservationist and an avid hunter, making it both unusual and powerful. It clearly demonstrates how these two interests need not conflict. My class became very interested in the topic, and were anxious to undertake their own research and learn more about the issues raised, which is why I developed an effective lesson plan around this film.

-Lisa Travis, Teacher at Acorns to Oaks Private School