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For the Love of Raptors

Years ago when I first heard the term Raptor; I immediately imagined malicious, human hunting dinosaurs from Jurassic Park! Of course, I quickly learned this was a term used for… Read more »


A Discussion in Black Bears

My first black bear encounter involved spotting one while out jogging, which resulted in running my best mile in the opposite direction. Obviously, this is terrible advice in the event… Read more »


EOC 137: Lessons from Heartbreak – The Vaquita

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today, we talk with Matt Podolsky and Sean Bogle from Wild Lens, who reflect on their experience witnessing the last-ditch rescue effort to… Read more »


EOC 136: Amy Martin – Philosophy with environment as the catalyst

Listen to this episode in iTunes   This week’s guest is Amy Martin, Founder and Producer of Threshold, one of the most binge-worthy podcasts of 2017, taking the listener on… Read more »


Trophy Hunting Discussion Recap

If you were watching our broadcast, then you know the worst thing happened… Halfway through Animated Anna Facebook Live the Broadcast died. Straight up went dark for the viewers. Awkward!… Read more »