We are extremely excited to announce the official DVD and VOD release of Bluebird Man! Over the past couple of weeks we have been hard at work packaging and sending out DVDs and other reward items to all of the folks who so generously supported this film through last year’s successful kickstarter campaign.


For those who weren’t able to participate in the kickstarter campaign, or who have found out about this project more recently – today is the day! You can purchase DVD copies of the film at the brand new Wild Lens Store, and you can rent or download a digital copy of the film at our new Vimeo on Demand page.

Additionally, we have brand new Bluebird Man t-shirts available for purchase at the Wild Lens Store, as well as a limited number of copies of the five unique film posters that were designed by three different graphic artists for our kickstarter campaign.

So if you’d like a DVD copy of Bluebird Man, head on over to the Wild Lens Store. If you’d prefer a digital copy of the film, visit our Vimeo on Demand page, or simply click play on the embedded link to the film below. If you are new to the Vimeo site, you’ll have to create a login ID – this is free and easy and will give you access to a wide variety of new and independently produced films.

After renting or downloading Bluebird Man from Vimeo on Demand and giving it a watch so can rate the film and even write a short review. The more feedback that our film gets on this site the better, and we would greatly appreciate any and all feedback that you might have. You can also share the Vimeo link to Bluebird Man on facebook, twitter and other social media sites.

Of course there’s nothing quite like watching a film in a large theatre with a group of other people – so don’t forget about our upcoming screening events for Bluebird Man. The film will be screened on April 13th in Missoula, MT as a part of the International Wildlife Film Festival, and in Boise, ID on June 13th as a part of the North American Bluebird Society’s annual conference. It will also be airing on Idaho Public Television in May, with air dates TBA.

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Peggy Rutter

Love your website. Amazing photos. I love the BLUEBIRDS. I’m retired now and making nest boxes for my friends. Joined NEST WATCHERS. I live on Rogers Springs Lake in TN. Lots of wild life here. Thanks Pegalou


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