Scavenger Hunt


The California Condor Song by the Whizpops!

The Whizpops make music for kids, but they are so much more than just another kid’s band. They employ clever songwriting and highly skilled musicianship to create music that any… Read more »


EOC 085: Loons and Lead Poisoning with Dr. Mark Pokras

  Episode Summary: Today we are delving into the Wild Lens interview archives to bring you a conversation that I had with Dr. Mark Pokras back in 2011.  This interview… Read more »


EOC 076: How the California Condor Came Back from the Brink of Extinction with Lloyd Kiff

  Episode Summary: Today on the show we are digging into the Wild Lens archives to bring you an interview with one of the central figures in the historic recovery… Read more »


EOC 034: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Three: the Interview

Episode Summary: Today on the show we have another chapter in our ongoing series From Field Biologist to Filmmaker.  Part three of this series is focused on the interview. Conducting interviews… Read more »


EOC 019: Music Inspired by the Natural World with Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer

Episode Summary: Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer write and record music inspired by wildlife and the natural world. Their new album, Maritime was intentionally written to evoke a strong sense… Read more »


EOC 009: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part One: the Story Outline

Episode Summary: This is our first episode in what will become an ongoing segment on the podcast – From Field Biologist to Filmmaker. In this new podcast segment, I’ll be… Read more »


Lead Ammo Issue Receiving Attention in England

Two scientific papers concerning lead ammunition and poisoning have recently been published by researchers in England, and are receiving quite a bit of attention overseas. The first, by Green and… Read more »


‘Scavenger Hunt’ at Twain Harte Film Festival

Considering it was Labor Day weekend, the tiny town of Twain Harte, CA remained a surprisingly tranquil place, and made it a perfect small-town venue for a film festival among… Read more »


Twain Harte Film Festival: Day One

Greetings fron Twain Harte, CA (elevation: 4,000 ft.), where Wild Lens’ own documentary Scavenger Hunt: An Unlikely Union is being screened as a featured film at the second annual Twain… Read more »


Scavenger Hunt at Film Fest Twain Harte

I am happy to announce that Scavenger Hunt: An Unlikely Union, our documentary about California condors and lead poisoning in wildlife, will be screening at Film Fest Twain Harte in… Read more »