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The African Vulture Crisis

As a part of our vulture-themed month of March on the Eyes on Conservation podcast, we are updating and re-releasing our series of four short videos documenting the research of… Read more »


EOC 015: The Vultures of Southeast Asia with Yula Kapetanakos

Episode Summary: We are continuing this month’s theme of vulture conservation around the world with an interview with Yula Kapetanakos. Yula’s doctoral research involved the use of a unique method for… Read more »


Vultures of East Africa: The Soap of the Savannah

In the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Corinne Kendall works to learn more about some of East Africa’s most threatened birds – the vultures. Vulture species are declining worldwide,… Read more »


EOC 014: Vulture Research and Conservation in East Africa with Corinne Kendall

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the show is all about vultures. Our guest is Corinne Kendall, whose doctoral research on vultures in East Africa has played a critical role in… Read more »


EOC 013: A Conservation Education Program for Refugee Kids with Liz Urban and Megan Jones

Episode Summary: Today’s episode is our second show produced in collaboration with the radio show, Building a Greener Idaho, which airs on Radio Boise each Tuesday at 3pm.  Our interview… Read more »


EOC 012: Boise, Idaho’s Unique Science Education Program with Carolyn Volk and Karen Viscupic

Episode Summary: We have a brand new segment on today’s episode!  The Birds and the Beats will be an ongoing current events segment hosted by the newest member of the EOC… Read more »


EOC 011: The Plan to Save the Sage Grouse with Jeremy Maestas

Episode Summary: Our second episode about sage-grouse conservation presents a very positive message about the work being done in an effort to reverse the declines faced by this species.  Jeremy… Read more »


EOC 010: Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation and Research with Jen Forbey

  Episode Summary: We have dedicated the month of January here at the Eyes on Conservation podcast to Greater Sage-grouse conservation.  We are releasing a brand new short documentary today, Greater… Read more »


EOC 009: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part One: the Story Outline

Episode Summary: This is our first episode in what will become an ongoing segment on the podcast – From Field Biologist to Filmmaker. In this new podcast segment, I’ll be… Read more »


EOC 008: Bird Migration Research with Greg Kaltenecker

Episode Summary: In this episode of the podcast we’re talking with the Executive Director of the Intermountain Bird Observatory, Greg Kaltenecker. The Intermountain Bird Observatory was our very first partner… Read more »