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EOC bonus episode: Voting for Conservation, part 2

Episode Summary: Back in March of this year I put together a quick bonus episode of the podcast after participating in the largest presidential caucus in US political history.  Despite… Read more »


EOC 094: Eat the Weeds with “Wildman” Steve Brill and his Daughter Violet

  Episode Summary: Todays guests on the show are “Wildman” Steve Brill along with his daughter Violet Brill.  “Wildman” Steve and his daughter Violet are expert foragers – they lead… Read more »


EOC 093: Conceivable Future – How Climate Change Threatens Reproductive Rights

  Episode Summary: Our guests on today’s show are the co-founders of a group called, Conceivable Future – Meghan Kallman and Josephine Ferorelli. Conceivable Future is a woman-led network of… Read more »


EOC 092: The Science Communicators – Nate Dappen’s Path to Becoming a Science Filmmaker

  Episode Summary: Our guest on today’s show is science filmmaker Nate Dappen.  Like many of the folks that we choose to profile on this show, Nate has a background… Read more »


EOC 091: Public Lands – How They Became Publicly Owned, and Why They Should Stay That Way

  Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is Brad Brooks who is the Idaho deputy regional director at the Wilderness Society. Brad and his collegues at the Wilderness Society… Read more »


EOC 090: Collateral Damage – How the Environmental Investigation Agency Exposes Environmental Crime

  Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is Clare Perry from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).  Clare has been working for EIA for 17 years, and she is the director… Read more »


EOC 089: Inside the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival with Natasha Despotovic

  Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is the director of the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (Muestra de Cine Medioambiental Dominicana), Natasha Despotovic. I was fortunate enough to… Read more »


EOC 088: Gena Bentall Explains the Importance of Sharing Space with Sea Otters

Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show in Gena Bentall, who has been working with and studying Sea Otters for over a decade and is the program coordinator for a… Read more »


EOC 087: Rhino Art 50 Ways with the Horns and Heroes Project

  Episode Summary: Today on the show we are bringing you another example of art and conservation coming together.  Our guests Chad Harmon, Phillip Lacinak, and Heidi Kniesl are the… Read more »


EOC 086: The Struggles of the Green Party in the 2016 Presidential Election

  Episode Summary: Today we have another episode focused on politics.  As general election day approaches here in the US after a truly bizarre presidential election season in which each… Read more »