The Birds & the Beats


EOC 065: Making Music from Nature with Ben Mirin (AKA DJ Ecotone)

  Today on the show I am extremely excited to be bringing back someone who was a regular guest on the show early on – Ben Mirin.  Ben was the… Read more »


EOC 032: Revisiting the Phantom Road – Birds and Road Noise with Jesse Barber and Heidi Ware

Episode Summary: We’re revisiting the Phantom Road this month on the show, and I’m very excited to have Dr. Jesse Barber and Heidi Ware joining me for this discussion about… Read more »


EOC 028: Barbara Taylor’s Mission to Save the Vaquita

Episode Summary: Dr. Barbara Taylor is on a life-long mission to save the vaquita from extinction. She has been working with this critically endangered porpoise for over 30 years, and… Read more »


EOC 026: A New Film about the Struggle to Save the Vaquita with Sean Bogle

Click on the photo above to jump to our kickstarter campaign for the film! Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking about vaquita conservation and a new Wild Lens… Read more »


EOC 020: Fire Ecology and the Harvester Ant with Robin Verble-Pearson

Episode Summary: Today on the EOC podcast we’re talking with Texas Tech University professor Robin Verble-Pearson. Robin was featured in our latest EOC film about the Texas Horned Lizard –… Read more »