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Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest, a review

Written by Brandon Navratil In Executive Producer Alan Lacy’s first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” explores the plight of a species the world almost lost forever. Along with… Read more »


The Marches: Science Bows To Climate Change

Last Saturday, I had yet another chance to march the streets of what basically feels like home to me: Washington, DC. I’ve spent a good deal of time in this city,… Read more »


Take it to the streets: March for Science

The March for Science is coming. And it is bigger than we think. It will take place not just in Washington DC, not just all across the nation, but around the entire planet,… Read more »


Coral Bleaching: Death of a Once-Rich Reef

As sea temperatures rise with the ever-growing impact of climate change, we are left to witness the deadly ripple effects expand across one of the most richly biodiverse areas on earth and… Read more »


Drones Over Wildlife: Harassed From Above?

On Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge last summer, while working for Audubon’s Project Puffin monitoring seabird nesting colonies, five of us researchers were relaxing on the porch of our cabin… Read more »


What’s abuzz with team Wild Lens..

As a proud, newly minted member of the Wild Lens team, I’d like to introduce myself: Hello! I’m Stacey Hollis, I’ll be contributing to the Wild Lens blog with stories… Read more »


Wild New Year Resolution!

We were recently inspired by a crowdfunding campaign that was shared by a fellow biologist Geno Rango seeking support for a Guadalupe fur seal project that he is involved with…. Read more »


The Indirect And Covert Effects of Trespass Marijuana Cultivation On Public and Tribal Lands

Dr. Greta Wengert, Assistant Director and Senior Ecologist of Integral Ecology Research Center presents the subtle, but inevitable long term developmental impacts of anticoagulant rodenticide from illegal marijuana cultivation.  This… Read more »


Marijuana Cultivation and its Impacts on Wildlife, Habitats and the Wildlife Profession

Legalizing and regulating marijuana is, to many, progressive. However, there is another side: illegal marijuana plantations across the state of California are found to be poisoning wildlife populations. Numerous marijuana… Read more »