Winter Raptors


EOC 001: Gyrfalcons on the Seward Peninsula and Wintering Raptors in the Snake River Valley of Idaho with Raptor Biologist Neil Paprocki

Episode Summary: In this, the very first episode of the Eyes on Conservation Podcast, we talk with Wild Lens co-founder and Raptor Biologist Neil Paprocki. Neil helped found Wild Lens… Read more »

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February Raptor – Rough-legged Hawk

  Our raptor for February 2014 is the Rough-legged Hawk. This time of year always makes me a bit sad as I know the Roughies are making their way poleward,… Read more »


Up Close and Personal with a Rough-legged Hawk

  I wanted to follow up on my Week 50 photograph of a Rough-legged Hawk being released with some more details about the individual we trapped and banded. The scientific… Read more »


Wildfires: Revisiting the Birds of Prey Area

  A few weeks ago I went to visit the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area where I conducted my Boise State University thesis research on… Read more »


A Field Guide to Aging and Sexing Rough-Legged Hawks

Am I becoming obsessed with Rough-Legged Hawks? Perhaps, but for good reasons I swear! There is relatively little known about the year-round ecology and life history traits of this high… Read more »


Winter Raptors: Part 4

It is with some sadness that I must admit the purely fun part of my thesis research at Boise State University’s Raptor Biology program is now deceased. I ask: what… Read more »


Dark Northern Harrier Update

  I wanted to quickly update everyone on the reaction we’ve been receiving from experts regarding the dark Northern Harrier Rob Miller, Liz Urban, and I saw last month in… Read more »


Winter Owls

As many of you already know, the 2011-2012 winter has been a great one for owls. Especially Snowy Owls. I was lucky enough to make it out to Nampa, Idaho… Read more »


Do Dark Northern Harriers Exist?

Three times every winter I drive road transects looking for raptors with other biologists for my Master’s Thesis work at Boise State University. Monday January 9, 2012 was one of… Read more »


Winter Raptors: Part 3

From what I have been hearing around the country, Boise Idaho is not the only place receiving record low totals of snow fall this winter. Maybe it is just going… Read more »