HY Male Goshawk-9399s

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In this episode of the podcast we’re talking with the Executive Director of the Intermountain Bird Observatory, Greg Kaltenecker. The Intermountain Bird Observatory was our very first partner organization with our Eyes on Conservation series, and we just absolutely love how they are integrating bird research and education. We’ll be talking with Greg about bird migration research in and around Boise, Idaho as well as some of the other bird research and education programs that the Intermountain Bird Observatory has been working on recently. This includes a fascinating project working with the bizarre Long-billed Curlew – a shorebird with an absurdly long bill that builds it’s nest in desert grassland habitat!


The Intermountain Bird Observatory website

IBO’s Long-billed Curlew research project

More info on IBO’s acquisition of land along the Boise River

Landing page for the Lucky Peak migration video

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