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This is our first episode in what will become an ongoing segment on the podcast – From Field Biologist to Filmmaker. In this new podcast segment, I’ll be sharing personal stories about what it was like to make the transition from a full-time wildlife biologist to a full-time filmmaker, and sharing tips and tricks that I learned along the way.
MP-with-condor-423-1In this episode – part one of the segment – we’ll be focusing on the importance of the story outline. I’ll talk about how I took that first seed of an idea for a documentary film and developed it into a cohesive story. We’ll go over all of the essential components of a well-developed story outline, and I’ll explain why this initial document is so important to the filmmaking process.

I’ll also be talking about the ways in which you might use this story outline, both as a shooting guide and as a way to share your story with other people. Along the way I’ll be sharing stories from my experience producing and directing wildlife documentaries, with a focus on my hour-long documentary Scavenger Hunt, since this was the film that instigated my transition from biologist to filmmaker.

As I mention in the episode – I am actively seeking feedback on this new approach that I’m taking with this episode of the podcast. I encourage folks who have listened to the episode to shoot me an email with feedback on today’s episode. Let me know what you liked or didn’t like and how you think I might be able to improve this podcast segment moving forward. If you take the time to do this, you will be entered into a drawing for a Scavenger Hunt branded NON-LEAD t-shirt. I will also be sharing my original project proposal for Scavenger Hunt with anyone who requests it in their email response.


Website for Scavenger Hunt – my hour-long documentary about condor recovery and the issue of lead poisoning.

Watch Scavenger Hunt now!

Send me an email letting me know what you thought about this episode of the podcast.

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