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Episode Summary:

We have a brand new segment on today’s episode!  The Birds and the Beats will be an ongoing current events segment hosted by the newest member of the EOC team, Ben Mirin.  Today Ben will be talking about the massive die-off of Cassin’s Auklet along the Pacific coast.  We’ll also be featuring some of Ben’s original music – a truly unique blend of bird vocalizations and beatboxing.  The bird featured on today’s song – Cassin’s Auklet of course.

We’re excited to be co-producing this week’s interview with Building a Greener Idaho – a weekly radio show that airs on Radio Boise across the Treasure Valley of Idaho.  Our interview segment from this episode will be airing on Tuesday, February 10th at 3pm.  That’s 93.5 and 89.9 FM for folks in the Boise area – or you can live stream from their website.  This means that this will be our first episode to air on actual radio waves, rather than solely through the podcast streams.  I would definitely encourage folks to check out some of Building a Greener Idaho’s past episodes over on Mixcloud.

This month’s theme here at Eyes on Conservation is community-based conservation programs in Boise, ID.  Today’s episode tells the story of a program that connected graduate students in the sciences at Boise State University with local learning centers.  Unlike traditional GK-12 programs which placed graduate students in a single K-12 classroom, Boise’s GK-12 program exposed graduate students to kids of all different ages and in a wide variety of settings.  It also got the graduate students to interact with the community in Boise on a much higher level.

Despite the huge benefit that this program provided to both the university and the community in Boise, sadly grant funding for the program has ended.  We talk with Karen and Carolyn about what they are doing to keep this connection between the university and Boise’s local learning centers alive.

Carolyn and Karen are encouraging people with a strong interest in helping restore Boise’s GK-12 program to reach and and contact them.

Contact Carolyn:  cvolk at

Contact Karen:  karenviskupic at


The Birds and the Beats YouTube channel

Building a Greener Idaho

GK-12 learning center partners:

The Foothills Learning Center

The MK Nature Center

Boise Watershed

Boise State University Graduate College


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