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Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer write and record music inspired by wildlife and the natural world. Their new album, Maritime was intentionally written to evoke a strong sense of place – it was written and recorded entirely on San Juan Island in Northwestern Washington where they live. Today’s show is about more than Dave and Mandy’s music however – it’s about finding your creative outlet whether it’s photography, filmmaking or music.

Dave McGraw worked for ten years as a field biologist before jumping into his current career as a full-time musician, and he talks about what that transition was like and how these two lifestyles are actually quite similar. Dave started writing music as a way to express his creativity while working field biology jobs, and he’s got some neat stories about experiences in the field that inspired him to write songs.

Dave and Mandy met in Flagstaff, Arizona and their new album Maritime is their second as a duo. They are currently touring the US, so if you like what you hear be sure to check out their website and see if they’re coming to a town near you!


Dave and Mandy’s website


Listen to the podcast interview here:

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Kristin Freeman

The podcast was most enjoyable. Having spent my youth in the Pacific Northwest and camping on the islands in the San Juans there was a deep resonating with the interviewer. The music was good and hearing the back stories and connection with wildlife, nature and people from all places was perfect. Thanks for a great recording.


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