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schafer and kendlerOn today’s episode of the EOC podcast we’re talking with the co-creators of the Endangered Species Print Project (ESPP), an ongoing print series focused on raising both awareness and funding for endangered species recovery efforts all around the globe.  Jenny Kendler and Molly Schafer are both multi-disciplinary artists, and have each created works of art for this project, but over the past six years they have been working to establish collaborative relationships with other artists who have a shared interest in contributing to conservation.

We talked with Jenny and Molly about their personal artistic interests, and how they are working to incorporate conservation issues into their work.  This is one of our favorite topics here on the EOC podcast – discussing the intersection between science, art and conservation, and it’s really wonderful to hear about the work that these two talented artists are involved with.

We also discussed strategies for addressing conservation issues through outreach, education and activism, and the ultimate goals behind the Endangered Species Print Project.  There’s a lot of similarity here between the work that we’re doing at Wild Lens and the approach that Molly and Jenny are taking with ESPP, and it’s wonderful to see this project driving interest in lesser-known endangered species.

Here are a few examples of prints that we discussed during the interview:

Seyshells Sheath-tailed Bat by Molly Schafer

Seyshells Sheath-tailed Bat by Molly Schafer

Vaquita Print by Noah Scalin

Vaquita Print by Noah Scalin

California Condor print by Barnaby Whitfield

California Condor print by Barnaby Whitfield



The Endangered Species Print Project website

ESPP Artwork as a part of the Endangered Species Condom Project

Jenny Kendler’s website

Molly Schafer’s website


Listen to the podcast episode here:

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