Illustration by Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky.

Illustration by Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky.

Episode Summary:

12202419_1645678369023807_2071861182_nIn this week’s show we are taking a fresh look at vaquita recovery efforts with teenaged author Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky. Aidan first learned about the plight of the vaquita in 2010 – when he was just ten years old, and has been committed to helping conservation efforts for the species since that time.

At age 11 he launched his website and blog, and began posting regular updates on vaquita conservation, as well as original vaquita-themed poetry. Just a short time later he began writing his book, The Vaquita: the Biology of an Endangered Porpoise. First published in 2013, this is still the only book written for a general audience about the vaquita, and Aidan just this year released a second addition with lots of updates on current conservation efforts to save the species.

As you’ll hear when listening to this interview, Aidan strongly believes in our ability to save this species, and refuses to give up hope. He has wholly committed himself to teaching other students like himself about the vaquita, and his accomplishments are truly impressive. As a sophomore in high school he has written the only book about the species, runs one of the most well known websites focused on the vaquita, and also had a hand in launching International Save the Vaquita Day – a global celebration of vaquita recovery efforts (which I participated in this past July with a series of presentations at the Aquarium of Boise).

Get ready to be inspired!



Aidan’s vaquita website – V-log

Order Aidan’s book, The Vaquita: the Biology of an Endangered Porpoise

The Muskwa Club


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