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Our guest on today’s episode of the podcast is my mom, Candy Podolsky.  A couple of years back my mom and I hiked 273 miles through the state of Vermont on America’s oldest long distance hiking trail.  We undertook this journey in large part as a way to overcome the grief associated with my father’s death.  The trip was full of both physical and emotional challenges, many of which are documented in my new film, On the Trail – which we just released here on the Eyes on Conservation website.

Construction on the Long Trail began way back in 1910, making it America’s first long-distance hiking trail.  This was the trail that inspired the creation of the Appalachian Trail, so the trail has historical as well as environmental significance.  In the film we delve a bit into this history, as well as the impact that the trail has had on conservation efforts in Vermont.

P1020652smallIn today’s interview however we focus on the journey itself.  My mom discusses some of the most challenging moments as well as a few high points.  We also discuss what it is about long-distance hiking and aids in the grieving process, and we reflect on what my father would have thought about this trek of ours.

I sincerely hope the you enjoy this very personal conversation about a trip that holds deep emotional significance for both my mom and I.


Watch the film!



On the Trail EOC page

Blog posts from the trip

The Green Mountain Club (non-profit that maintains the Long Trail)


Listen to the podcast episode here:

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