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Today on the show we are continuing with our theme of environmentally-focused film festivals and the potential that these types of events have to impact conservation issues.

bradWe’ll be talking with Brad Forder, who is the programming director for the largest environmentally-themed film festival in the country, the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (also known as the D.C. Environmental Film Fest), which will be taking place March 15th through the 26th of this year.

Brad will be sharing some background on the festival, and giving us an insider’s look at the selection process.  He will also be turning the tables on myself and fellow Wild Lens filmmaker Neil Paprocki midway through the interview to ask us some questions about our film Bluebird Man.

Why, you might ask, would Brad be interested in learning more about our film Bluebird Man?  Well it turns out that our film about bluebird conservation will be screening at this year’s Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital!  Not only is it screening at the festival, but it has been selected as the winner of the Eric Moe Sustainability Award, one of four top awards given out at the festival each year!

We are extremely excited to have Brad on the show, and how that everyone enjoys this inside look at one of our country’s top film festivals!



Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

The Eric Moe Sustainability Award

Festival Award Winner’s Announcement

Bluebird Man website


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