Today on the show I am extremely excited to be bringing back someone who was a regular guest on the show early on – Ben Mirin.  Ben was the host of a recurring segment on the podcast called “The Birds and the Beats”, in which he composed songs that blended animal vocalizations and natural sounds with his own beatboxing.  Many of these songs were tied in to the interview segments that we were featuring on the show at the time – he wrote a song using vulture vocalizationsweb-profile-pic-birding, as well as one that represented the fire-adapted ecosystem that is home to the Texas Horned Lizard.

It’s been over a year since Ben has been on the podcast, and he’s taken this unique idea of combining natural sounds with beatboxing to a whole new level in that time.  He now has his own TV show that airs on Nat Geo Kids, called Wild Beats, and he has traveled the world recording animal vocalizations, collaborating with researchers, and writing new songs.  I’m super stoked to have him on the show today to share with us some of these new developments and to talk about how his music has evolved over the past year.


Wild Beats Sonoran Desert Episode:



Ben’s website –

DJ Ecotone on Soundcloud


Listen to the podcast episode here:

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