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Blue sky, yellow flowers, and the pink of soil makes the Badlands a beautiful place to take photos.  Erosion at its best!

Today on the show we have two very special guests from a truly unique band – the Whizpops!  The Whizpops make music for kids, but they are so much more than just another kid’s band.  They employ clever songwriting and highly skilled musicianship to create music that any adult can enjoy – and their last two albums have been focused strictly on wildlife.

Casey Schaefer is the guitar player, and one of the lead vocalists and songwriters in the band and Daniel Kiely is the band’s drummer.  They have some fascinating insights to share with us about their creative process and how they have integrated conservation topics into their songs.  We’ll also get to listen to a few tracks from their brand new album, Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix, Vol. 1, which was released in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation.




The Whizpops! website

The National Wildlife Federation announces the release of “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix, Vol. 1”

Download “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix, Vol. 1” on iTunes


Listen to the podcast episode here:

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