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Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 1.07.25 PMToday on the show we are digging into the Wild Lens archives to bring you an interview with one of the central figures in the historic recovery of the California condor.  Lloyd Kiff was the coordinator of the condor recovery team during one of the most critical time periods of the species’ recovery – from 1986 through 1993.  He oversaw both the decision to bring the last wild condors into captivity, as well as the very first reintroductions back into the wild in 1992.

I interviewed Lloyd back in 2011 for my first documentary film, Scavenger Hunt, which was about California condor conservation and the issue of lead poisoning from spent ammunition.  Lloyd and I had a fascinating conversation, but unfortunately we couldn’t find a place for any of this interview footage in the final film.  I was recently delving into our condor footage archive because of a footage request, and came across this interview.  I started listening, and couldn’t stop!  I had forgotten what a great conversation that Lloyd and I had, and how insightful his perspective is on the issue of condor recovery.

So I did some editing, and prepared the audio from this interview to release on today’s show.  I hope that everyone enjoys listening to this archival interview with Lloyd Kiff as much as I did!


Watch Scavenger Hunt, our film about California condor conservation:



Scavenger Hunt website

Lloyd Kiff bio and list of publications on the Global Raptor Information Network (GRIN)

LA Times article from first California condor reintroductions in 1992 (several quotes from Lloyd in there!)

The Third Revision of the California Condor Recovery Plan (released in 1996 and prepared by Lloyd Kiff along with Robert Mesta and Michael Wallace)


Listen to the podcast interview here:

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