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Today on the podcast we are talking about a conservation issue that has been getting lot’s of mainstream media coverage over the past several months – the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Now this episode is a bit of a departure from our standard format.  Instead of presenting you with a single interview, my goal is to take you inside this fight itself, and present you with a soundscape that tells one aspect of the story behind this ongoing conflict.





Oceti Sakowin Camp official website

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe official website

Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund

Sacred Stone Camp official website

Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund

Ari Herman’s Blog: The Lego Box Travelogue


Listen to the podcast episode here:

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ernest brown

if you want to combat the years of indignation toward our native peoples at standing rock ! do this gather all your fecal matter thats avaiable put it in paper coffee filter bags and lob yhem at the people who are shooting you and harming phsically your retaliating represent the indignation that you are still having to put up with .When this hits anyone the smell of the matter will send them running to the showers that arnt there and also the clothes for change wont be there and gaurateed they will not be there for long … the hate that they have for you will traumatize them because they have your fecal matter on them and it wont come off it makes them step in it !!! for real to indite a nation with indignation warrent indignation tactics of a great nation and the irony is that they have to wash you off with pure clean water that they spray you with … tactile green

Pam Conley

This episode really gave me the feeling of being there with the Water Protectors. I loved the speeches & songs & comments by your group. These actions are the most powerful force we have for challenging the corporate elites rape of the earth. It’s good to see “the people” come together to defend our mother earth. It’s the elites vs the rest of us not the republicans vs the democrats. yes, do more of this kind of work!


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