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Nathaniel StinnettOn today’s show we have a follow-up conservation with one of our most well-received guests on the show – Nathaniel Stinnett from the Environmental Voter Project.

Nathaniel and I chatted back in August, and he shared with all of you his mission to transform environmentalists into consistent voters.  He also shared a unique perspective on the importance of voting, explaining that if you don’t vote, politicians that are already in office simply don’t pay attention to you, which means the issues that you care about don’t get the attention that they deserve.

The episode clearly resonated with all of you – our listeners – because immediately after the presidential election I started to get requests to have Nathaniel back on the show.  So here we go – per listener request – our post-election breakdown with Nathaniel Stinnett from the Environmental Voter Project!






The Environmental Voter Project

The “Did Not Vote” electoral map from Brilliant Maps

EOC 084: Nathaniel Stinnett Explains Why Voting is the Highest Form of Environmental Citizenship

The Brennan Center for Justice


Listen to today’s podcast interview here:

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