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On today’s show we are joined by Sarah Kaizar, an amazing artist out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Sarah’s work first caught my attention when I was browsing the internet for Christmas gifts, and I stumbled upon a series of recycled notebooks featuring endangered toads. Toads being among some of my favorite animals, I had to check out more of her work and was so glad I did.

The series we will focus on today is her body of work titled Endangered Species, which features intricate pen and ink portraits of species on the US Endangered species list. This series calls into question many ideas of vulnerability, environmental ignorance, and what it means to be human in an ever-changing world, and our conversation tackles big picture questions about the future of the environment, our interactions with the natural world and as Sarah says “chipping away” at the greater conversation to make environmental dialogue more relatable and meaningful to a broader audience.


Arroyo Toad, Sarah Kaizar


Assorted Clams, Sarah Kaizar




Rally Caller – The home of Sarah’s endangered species illustrations

Sarah’s personal website

The Endangered Species Act: Uncertainty Under Trump – from The Hill

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