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Today we are bringing you a panel discussion focused on conservation oriented filmmaking in Idaho.  We put together a panel of Boise-based filmmakers who are screening films at this year’s Les Bois Film Festival – an event that Wild Lens actually helped found.  This is the second year that we are co-hosting Les Bois Film Festival alongside the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, and we’re extremely excited about this year’s event.  We’re screening 20 short films across three separate screening blocks all at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise on Saturday, March 4th.

One of the aspects of this festival that we’re most proud of is the emphasis on locally produced films, and this is why I’m so excited about today’s panel discussion.  We brought together all of the Boise-based filmmakers that are screening films at Les Bois this year for a conversation about the intersection between filmmaking and conservation here in Idaho.

In addition to being aired on this podcast series, this conversation will also air on our community radio station here in boise (Radio Boise, KRBX 89.9), in collaboration with our favorite local radio show, Building a Greener Idaho.  I was joined in the studio by today’s co-hosts, Remington Buyer from Building a Greener Idaho, and Julia Rundberg, who is the new development and communications manager at the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley.



The Panel:

Co-hosts:  Matthew Podolsky (Wild Lens), Remington Buyer (Building a Greener Idaho), Julia Rundberg (Land Trust of the Treasure Valley)

Filmmakers:  Pat Metzler (Beyond the White Clouds), Glenn Oakley (The Falconer), Zach Voss (Santiaguito: The Volcano Laboratory), Jason Kauffman (Chasing Ridgelines), Dave Cook and Susan Saad (Bogus Basin 75th Anniversary), and Matthew Podolsky (Souls of the Vermilion Sea)



Les Bois Film Festival screening schedule

Outdoor Idaho on Idaho Public Television (Pat Metzler)

Glenn Oakley website

Retroscope Media (Zach Voss)

Argali Outdoors (Jason Kauffman)

Bogus Basin – Beyond 75 (Susan Saad)

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