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I am extremely excited to announce that we have added a fresh component to the EOC marque that embraces all art forms in how these diverse creative mediums can convey conservation information.  All of us respond differently to a variety of media.  Some us connect with video and radio, while others may connect to paintings, song, or dance.  It is important that the issues, actions, and efforts that concern the natural world of our planet are received by as many people as possible.  So we introduced the Eyes on Conservation Art Scene!

The Eyes on Conservation Art Scene (EOCAS) is a community where artists can fuse together, share ideas and show case their individual works that focus on conservation.  The mission of the EOC Art Scene is a place of unity and raising awareness about wildlife issues, not to mention a place where cool art is created!

Recently, we launched the first EOC Art Scene exhibit at the Les Bois Film Festival, which we co-host with the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho. Our first amazing collaborators to premiere this exhibit are the SWELL Artist Collective and the Endangered Species print project. The exhibit is currently on display at the SWELL Artist Collective gallery, which we attended on it’s opening night this past Thursday – and this takes us into today’s show.

The goal of the exhibit is to raise awareness of species in the Idaho and Pacific Northwest region and as well as international species and how these species share commonalities as well as our connections to all species.

SWELL artists produced 35 original works of art of these species and the Endangered Species Print Project presented 5 art pieces coupled with a map showing their migrations. These two organizations are wonderful examples of an artistic community with a shared love and appreciation for wildlife while inspiring others.


A selection of prints from the Endangered Species Print Project on display at the EOCAS exhibit in Boise, ID.

Chinook Salmon by Robert S. Harrah.

Carrie Fisher (Pacific Fisher) by Lance Brown.

Northern Idaho Ground Squirrels by Julie Green.


More photos from the EOCAS exhibit here:

The Eyes on Conservation Art Scene Exhibit at Swell Artist Collective in Boise, ID


Swell Artist Collective

Endangered Species Print Project

Les Bois Film Festival

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office

Bittercreek Ale House

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