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This week we are bringing you a very special episode of the Eyes on Conservation podcast – this is about as close to a live show as we’ve gotten.  Today’s episode was recorded just a few hours before being released – and we recorded it on location in San Felipe, Mexico where fellow EOC co-host Sean Bogle and I are engaged in a series of community screenings of our new film Souls of the Vermilion Sea.

These community screenings of our film were organized in collaboration with today’s guest on the show, Samantha Young from San Diego Zoo Global.  Samantha has been working down here in San Felipe for several years, with the goal of building community support for the conservation.  While the vaquita is certainly a central focus of this project, Samantha’s goals are much broader than simply saving the vaquita from extinction.

We had a wonderful conversation with Samantha that ultimately delved into a comparison of the conservation challenges faced by the California condor to those faced by the vaquita.  Enjoy!



More about Samantha’s work with San Diego Zoo

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Souls of the Vermilion Sea website

Scavenger Hunt website (our California condor documentary)

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