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Today’s guest on the show is Monica Bond from the Wild Nature Institute

Monica was one of our first guests on the podcast – she was featured in episode 6 of the show.  At that time we had recently completed two short films about the research and conservation work being conducted by the Wild Nature Institute in Tanzania – and we’ll get a quick update on these important conservation projects going on in East Africa before delving into the main topic of today’s conversation – the ecological importance of the hottest, most intense forest fires.

In addition to today’s podcast episode, we have just released a new short film, produced in partnership with the Wild Nature Institute on this topic of forest fire ecology and research, called A New Message for Smokey.  You can watch the full film below.




The Wild Nature Institute

EOC landing page for our film A New Message for Smokey

Episode 6 of the EOC podcast with Monica Bond

Our videos about the Wild Nature Institute’s research and conservation work in Tanzania

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