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Already this summer we have experienced record-breaking heat waves.  As I prepare this episode for release on our nation’s independence day, it’s over 100 degrees where I live in Boise, Idaho.  Of course, every time I see news of record breaking temperatures I’m reminded of our rapidly changing climate – but these days I’m also reminded of something else.  The solar panels that were recently installed on my roof.  Long hot days mean that those panels are generating more energy – actually more than we can use often.

So today we are bringing you a group discussion about rooftop solar.  Here in Boise, ID, we have a fantastic campaign going on right now called Solarize the Valley.  The campaign is run by the Boise-based non-profit organization Snake River Alliance, and it’s goal is to promote and encourage more people to install solar panels on their roof.

So we are joined today by an excellent panel of guests who are involved in this campaign.  Liz Paul is the main organizer of the Solarize the Valley Campaign for the Snake River Alliance, Micah Hornback is a technical sales representative with Altenergy, one of the two solar contractors involved in the solarize campaign, and Rick and Rinda Just are participants in the Solarize the Valley campaign who recently installed solar panels on their house.



Solarize the Valley website

Snake River Alliance


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