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So I’m guessing that folks have started to notice that we’ve been lagging behind on our typical weekly release schedule with the show.  We are going through a bit of a transition period with the show, and with Wild Lens as a whole – in fact one facet of this transition will be discussed in detail on today’s episode.  But regarding the podcast – I just want to assure you that we aren’t going anywhere – we are planning lots of exciting interviews for the coming months and will be back to our weekly schedule very soon.

Now we had to make the vaquita the focus of this episode because I am about to embark upon what could be the most dramatic shoot of my career.  In less than 2 weeks the vaquita capture effort will begin, and our Wild Lens crew will be there to capture whatever happens.

As if the capture effort itself wasn’t exciting enough, we also have an exciting update to share about our film project itself.  This will be discussed in detail on today’s episode of the show – but just to give you a teaser – we have partnered with several other large production companies to produce the feature length version of our film.  We’re super excited about this collaboration and everything that it means for both vaquita awareness generally and Wild Lens.



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