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We have covered the events of Standing Rock in many ways, interviewing filmmakers, historians, rally marchers, and water protectors on the front lines. But today you will hear from a woman who’s music has cemented a moment in history and created a reverberation of action on a global scale. Raye Zaragoza is a young, multi-talented activist at the forefront of the movement for indigenous rights and environmental justice. Her music has redefined the “protest song” and sparked meaningful dialogue around empathy for the earth as well as empathy for each other. Raye’s music has been featured on various outlets like Daytrotter, Jam in the Van, Indian Country Media Network, and most recently by Cyndi Lauper on Spotify. In this episode you will hear clips from some of my favorite tracks as well as Raye’s words on the ties between culture and land, and finding strength in womanhood through the power of song.


Raye’s Website


Raye’s Song “In the River”


Raye’s Song “Red Moon, High Tide”



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