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Sean Bogle (left) and Matthew Podolsky (right) in San Felipe, Mexico.

Today, we talk with Matt Podolsky and Sean Bogle from Wild Lens, who reflect on their experience witnessing the last-ditch rescue effort to save the vaquita from extinction. The illegal use of gill nets has taken a near-extinction toll on this species and the top marine-mammal experts made the bold move to try to capture a few with the aim of reviving the population in captivity.

It was risky and rife with controversy, but without a moment to spare the only thing left to do was to try.

Vaquita experts in the floating sea pen with the first vaquita that was captured as a part of the Vaquita CPR recovery effort.


Learn more about Sean and Matthew’s film project, Souls of the Vermilion Sea by clicking here.

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