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Jesse profile picWe’re revisiting the Phantom Road this month on the show, and I’m very excited to have Dr. Jesse Barber and Heidi Ware joining me for this discussion about a very important issue. Jesse and Heidi published their paper on how road noise effects overall bird abundance over a year ago, and this research has made a big splash within the scientific community and beyond.

In today’s discussion, which was co-produced by our friends at Building Heidi pica Greener Idaho, we’ll be talking about the results from this first paper and how they have influenced management decisions as well as general awareness of this issue.

Jesse and Heidi are about to publish their second paper to come out of this Phantom Road research, and we’ll be discussing their results in a future episode as soon as the this paper comes out. For now, we’ll focus on the impact of their first year results and their inspiration for getting involved in this fascinating area of research.


The Phantom Road:


Jesse and Heidi’s research featured in the popular “Science Times Rhymes” series:



Jesse Barber’s Sensory Ecology Lab

EOC page for “The Phantom Road”

Science Times Rhymes YouTube Channel

Building a Greener Idaho


Listen to the podcast episode here:

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