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Today we are bringing you a special Earth Day bonus episode of the show!

We have a lot going on this Earth Day – today marks the online release of our newest documentary film, Souls of the Vermilion Sea – about the struggle to save the vaquita from extinction.  We’re super excited to be releasing this new 30-min doc for free online streaming!  Click here to watch the film, or go to

We are celebrating this online release with today’s bonus episode of the show, in which we are featuring an interview with California state Assembly member Todd Gloria, who recently introduced a new bill to the California state legislature that would restrict the import of certain seafood products in an attempt to help protect the vaquita. 

Before we jump into today’s interview however, I have to mention our exciting collaborative project to cover the March for Science.  As many of our listeners likely are aware, Earth Day 2017 is a day of action for scientists all around the globe, who will be marching in over 400 cities  to send a message to our government and the Trump administration that we will not stand idyl as science is de-funded and scientific truths are outright denied.

We have seven Eyes on Conservation correspondents covering seven different March for Science events all across the US, from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii, and we’ll be using the audio and video that is captured to put together a very special episode of this podcast.

We will also be live streaming from a number of March for Science events directly to our Eyes on Conservation Facebook page – so if you’re not able to attend a march, or if you want to see what some of the other events in places like Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco look like – you can tune into our EOC Facebook page to get live updates.

And when you get back home from participating in the March for Science, you can settle in with a good movie – our film Souls of the Vermilion Sea about the struggle to save the vaquita from extinction.

Click here to watch the full film!


California State Assembly Member Todd Gloria

Watch Souls of the Vermilion Sea

March for Science

Eyes on Conservation facebook page (live streaming M4S events)

Featured image by Chris Stone.

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