Bluebird Man bonus scenes

It’s inevitable as a documentary filmmaker that you end up shooting way more footage than you need for your final film.  I think that we were reasonable economical with our shooting for the half hour documentary Bluebird Man, but we still had enough footage to put together five bonus scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut.

Up until now these bonus scenes have been available only on the Bluebird Man DVD, but we recently decided to release them online.

All of these bonus scenes are available on our Vimeo on Demand page for Bluebird Man here – if you haven’t seen the full film yet this is the easiest way to watch online:



Trapping Western Bluebirds in British Columbia:

PhD student and bluebird researcher Catherine Dale traps and bands adult male Western Bluebirds in an effort to learn about the migratory patterns of bluebirds in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.


Hilda Mae Larson Memorial:

Al’s wife Hilda was his partner in bluebird monitoring for many years.  Sadly, Hilda passed away towards the end of production on Bluebird Man, but we lucky enough to meet her and sit down for an interview.  This short video is a tribute to her life.


Bluebirds and Wildfire:

Bluebird Man Al Larson returns to his Prairie Bluebird Trail to replace nest boxes destroyed by fire.  Bluebirds are one of the first species to return to recently burned areas, and have been shown to benefit from wildfires.


Idaho’s Bluebird License Plate:

Bluebird Man Al Larson discusses his role in the establishment of Idaho’s bluebird license plate, and shows off his “Number 1” bluebird plate.


Eastern Bluebirds and Predator Control

Bluebird expert Kevin Berner shows off his backyard bluebird trail and discusses his approach towards preventing predators from gaining access to his nest boxes.