The Wild Nature Institute is a non-profit conservation research organization focused on ungulate conservation in Tanzania. Ungulates are mammals with hooves, and the savanna ecosystems found in this region of Africa are home to the greatest ungulate diversity found anywhere on the planet. These videos, which were produced in partnership with Monica Bond and Derek Lee of The Wild Nature Institute, focus on two critically important facets of Derek and Monica’s research. The first documents their study of the Maasai Giraffe, possibly the most enigmatic of African ungulate species. The second documents efforts to conserve one of the last great migration corridors for two keystone species of the African savannah, the Wildebeest and the Zebra.

There is trouble along one of the last great migration corridors in Tanzania. This travel corridor connects the wet and dry season habitats for wildebeest and zebra and is absolutely necessary for the survival of these keystone species. Wild Nature Institute hopes to protect this corridor by promoting land use planning to preserve habitat as well as establishing anti-poaching patrols along the corridor.


From left to right: Sarah Chinn, Sean Bogle, Derek Lee, Monica Bond, and Robert Mollel working together in Tanzania.

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Podcast episode featuring an interview with Wild Nature Institute co-founder Monica Bond:

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Podcast episode featuring an interview with the Executive Director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Julian Fennessy:

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