Eyes on Conservation Art Scene


Art comes in many forms.  It presents intrigue, instills emotion, provokes thought, and conveys  messages.  The Eyes on Conservation Art Scene was brought to life to embrace all art forms and utilize wide-ranging media like painting, sculpture, music, literature, and more.  These art forms can feature the natural beauty of our planet while delivering messages of conservation. 


Our vision is to create a collaborative community where ideas can be shared, artists can inspire, and relationships can be groomed that breed further inspiration. Collaboration is an integral part of conservation.  Without it, progress in conservation is stalled and all species that rely on the planet’s resources like land, water, and air are impacted. 


Film may be the most influential medium of our time. It is used to tell stories and raise awareness about issues that affect all of us in both direct and indirect ways, which is why film is the central component of the Wild Lens mission.  Other forms of artistic media also have the ability to significantly impact an audience however, and we are seeking to explore the potential that these artistic mediums have for conservation outreach and education.  


Les Bois Film Festival 2017


There is no better place to premier this collaboration concept than at the 2017 Les Bois Film Festival! We are extremely excited to introduce our first exhibit created as a part of the EOC Art Scene, and presented as a part of Les Bois Film Festival.  The exhibit will showcase original conservation themed art at the SWELL Gallery in Boise, Idaho.  The exhibit will be open on Thursday, March 2nd 2017 and will run through the end of March.


This first exhibit represents a collaboration between the SWELL Artist Collective and the Endangered Species Print Project.  SWELL is a membership based artist collective that promotes and curates contemporary art and artists through events, gallery shows and online exposure with the purpose of strengthening the growing art scene in Boise.  The Endangered Species Print Project (ESPP) creates images that have a positive impact on conservation efforts while giving artists the opportunity to create a positive impact on an issue they deeply care about.


The theme of our first exhibit will highlight sensitive wildlife populations and their connections to each other.  The exhibit will display artwork of local species that are endemic to the Idaho region, as well as works that depict wildlife from international territories.  We aim to raise awareness about these species, the issues that are impacting their survival, and identify how they are connected to global conservation threats. 


Come join us in support of art, conservation, and community!



Swell is a membership based artist collective that promotes and curates contemporary art and artists through events, gallery shows and online exposure with the purpose of strengthening Boise’s growing art scene.

Swell is located in Boise, Idaho’s BoDo District at 404 South 8th Street, Suite L105 on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building, directly south from Edwards Stadium 9’s entrance.

Website: www.swellboise.com

Email: info@swellboise.com

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The Endangered Species Print Project creates limited edition prints of critically endangered species. We only offer a set quantity of each print; the prints are editioned to match the number of individuals remaining in the wild for each species.  We donate a portion of every print sale to conservation efforts.  Artwork for ESPP is created by independent artists who are inspired by nature and active in conservation.