EOC 136: Amy Martin – Philosophy with environment as the catalyst

Listen to this episode in iTunes   This week’s guest is Amy Martin, Founder and Producer of Threshold, one of the most binge-worthy podcasts of 2017, taking the listener on… Read more »


Trophy Hunting Discussion Recap

If you were watching our broadcast, then you know the worst thing happened… Halfway through Animated Anna Facebook Live the Broadcast died. Straight up went dark for the viewers. Awkward!… Read more »


Introducing… Animated Anna on EOC LIVE!

*****The follow is an introductory post from one of Wild Lens’ newest team members, Anna Walton (AKA Animated Anna) who will be hosting a new live series on our Eyes… Read more »


EOC 135: Songs for the Indigenous Revolution: Raye Zaragoza on Water and Womanhood

Listen to this episode in iTunes   We have covered the events of Standing Rock in many ways, interviewing filmmakers, historians, rally marchers, and water protectors on the front lines…. Read more »


EOC 134: This YouTube Channel Might Just Save the World

CEO and founder of ReAgency Science Communication, Jayde Lovell, joins us today on this week’s episode of the podcast. Jayde and her team host the YouTube series, SciQ, where they… Read more »