Preserving One Square Inch of Silence- A Film Review

  Water is softly cascading through pebbles, mist rises in the early hours from the treetops, with moss and lichen of all types of green covering the forest. Serenity. What… Read more »


A Peek Into a Beach-Nesting Seabird Colony

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EOC 129: The Human Wolf Packs of Scotland with Doug Gilbert and Lisa Marley

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In Between: A film review

In Between: A short film by wildlife cameraman Rolf Steinmann.  The film takes us straight into a swirling, wind-whipped landscape, white with snow. Mountains rise formidably in the background and… Read more »


The Feline Intrusion: Cats vs. Wildlife

  I adore kitties. They’re sleek, beautiful, intelligent and still just about as completely wild as they were before humans ever made their acquaintance. Cats are built for agility and speed… Read more »