EOC 121: Zak Smith Explains How a Boycott of Mexican Shrimp Could Help Save the Vaquita

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today’s guest on the show is Zak Smith from the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Zak is a Senior Attorney at NRDC, and has… Read more »


Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest, a review

Written by Brandon Navratil In Executive Producer Alan Lacy’s first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” explores the plight of a species the world almost lost forever. Along with… Read more »


Climate Movement Elicits Action After the Fact

With the People’s Climate Movement close on the heels of the worldwide Science March, concerned citizens are working hard to keep climate change in the mind of the public and,… Read more »

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EOC 120: Badger Buries Cow REDUX – How the Story went Viral and What it Means for Badgers

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today on the podcast we are discussing a particularly interesting viral media story that I’m guessing a bunch of folks out there in… Read more »


Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock – The Eyes on Conservation Review

Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock is a new documentary from directors Josh Fox, James Spione, and Myron Dewey.  The film runs at 1 hour and 24 minutes, and is… Read more »