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Here we bring you engaging conversations about a vast array of wildlife conservation issues from all across the globe. A new episode is posted every Wednesday!
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Show Notes



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The Story Behind the Podcast

Why an audio podcast? Here at Wild Lens we spend most of our time producing films and videos. The videos that we release as a part of Eyes on Conservation are usually 5 min or less, but what about those folks who want to learn more? It can take a year or more to produce a longer film – my feature length doc Scavenger Hunt took 4 years to complete!

Our solution – take some of the biologists, researchers and citizen scientists that we feature in our short videos, and invite them to participate in a extended radio-style interviews. We hope that you enjoy the show!


From Field Biologist to Filmmaker

Every once in a while we dedicate an entire show to teaching about one specific component of the filmmaking process. Podcast host Matt Podolsky shares stories and advice learned from his unique experience as a field biologist turned filmmaker. Topics covered in this ongoing series thus far include; the story outline, a shooting guide, and the documentary interview.

Visit our page for From Field Biologist to Filmmaker to listen to past episodes, download transcripts and to learn more about wildlife and conservation oriented filmmaking.