EOC 140: Wild Love

 Listen to this episode in iTunes Valentine’s Day. A day where we celebrate love in all its many forms. In keeping with the holiday’s theme of romantic love and… Read more »


EOC 139: Adventures in Advocacy

 Listen to this episode in iTunes Today’s guest is river explorer and conservationist Mike Fiebig, who is the Associate Director of the Northern Rockies Office of American Rivers. The… Read more »


EOC 138: A Haven for Birds of Prey in Southwest Idaho

Listen to this episode in iTunes   On today’s episode we discuss a truly unique swath of public land – the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation… Read more »


EOC 137: Lessons from Heartbreak – The Vaquita

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today, we talk with Matt Podolsky and Sean Bogle from Wild Lens, who reflect on their experience witnessing the last-ditch rescue effort to… Read more »


EOC 136: Amy Martin – Philosophy with environment as the catalyst

Listen to this episode in iTunes   This week’s guest is Amy Martin, Founder and Producer of Threshold, one of the most binge-worthy podcasts of 2017, taking the listener on… Read more »