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We’ve had an offer from a very generous backer to give an additional $1,000 to Bluebird Man if we can make it to $11,000 pledged by Sunday July 21st. What this means is that if we help increase our pledged total to $11,000 by Sunday, we will have effectively raised $12,000 for the film! We’d only need $3,000 more to meet our goal.

Back Bluebird Man on Kickstarter today!

We want to personally challenge everyone who has already backed this project to help us meet this goal. If you can tell just one person about this project and convince them to back us, we will double our backer total and gain an additional thousand bucks from our generous backer mentioned above. If you haven’t backed Bluebird Man yet, now is the perfect time!

Filming Al Larson and his bluebirds.

Filming Al Larson and his bluebirds.

We’ve also received some questions in the last few days from non-backers about just what Kickstarter is. For those of you who have not backed us yet, here is how it works:

Kickstarter is a website platform meant to give independent artists a way to raise money for projects while reaching out to more people than they could on their own. It allows artists such as ourselves to build a campaign around a specific project, but also to help build a community of people who are interested in seeing our project succeed.

Funding for Kickstarter projects is all-or-nothing. This means we need to raise $15,000 by July 31st or we receive no money. Individual project backers are not charged a cent until a project is successfully funded. This type of all-or-nothing fundraising may seem risky, but it helps to rally people around an idea they want to see succeed.

Nestling bluebird.

Nestling bluebird.

Help us tell the story of Alfred Larson and his bluebirds so that we can show people a positive interaction between humans and wildlife. With so much negativity surrounding wildlife conservation these days, we need to cherish these success stories to give us hope for the future.

Please consider a contribution to our Kickstarter campaign today. Thank you.

91-year old Alfred Larson approached a bluebird nest box.

91-year old Alfred Larson approaches a bluebird nest box.

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