Adult Female Gyrfalcon.

Adult Female Gyrfalcon. Falco rusticolus.

If you keep up on the Wild Lens blog, this months raptor photograph will come as no surprise: the Gyrfalcon.

For the better part of four weeks I have been studying the worlds largest falcon for The Peregrine Fund and Boise State University’s Gyrfalcon Conservation Project. We now have three nest cameras successfully installed at various Gyrfalcon eyries on the Seward Peninsula in northwest Alaska.

These nest cameras are collecting valuable information on the quantity and diversity of prey adult Gyrfalcon are bringing to their nestlings. This information will help us researchers determine what affects climate change is having on Gyrfalcon diet throughout the breeding season.

All of the previous Raptor of the Month photographs, as well as previous 52-week blog photos can be found at the Wild Lens blog or on Flickr.

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