Welcome to the unveiling of the brand new Multimedia Monday!

This will be an updated addition to the regular Monday post. I’ll be uploading some manner of fun media, be it audio, video, photo..and we’ll be alternating the regular Movie Review Monday with the fresh, new and exciting Multimedia Monday! This week, I’ll be keeping with the Project Puffin theme from here on Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge where I’m spending a couple of weeks to help finish out the post-season.

So for my first Multimedia Monday post, I present you with sights and sounds from around this beautiful, dramatic, biodiversity-rich seabird nesting island where I’ve been so fortunate to spend my time over the years. If this makes you more curious about what I’m doing out here and the seasons I’ve spent here in the past working for Project Puffin, I invite you to visit my website, feathersawry.wordpress.com and explore my posts from the 2016 seabird nesting season. Thanks for tuning in!



Fish dinner cooked over the fire, a serene evening.. #islandlife #optoutside #purebliss #maine #islandgirl

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Grey afternoon on the island. #aintcomplaining

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Robert Lane

Lovely pictures. What solitude. Neat reck formations, used imagination to form images of animals etc. saw a great image of an elephant. Do not like fish but that cooking fire sure made me hungry. Keep up thr good work


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