DSC03895 copy-cropWe are extremely excited to announce that Ramona Mays has joined our production team for Souls of the Vermilion Sea as our Executive Producer! Ramona’s dedication to marine mammal conservation and science is unwavering and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.

Ramona is a co-founder of The Mays Charitable Fund, and has been involved with The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito for six years, primarily in the stranding department. She has personally released over 75 rehabilitated California Sea Lion pups just this season! Ramona, along with her husband, played a crucial role in raising the funds necessary to build the Marine Mammal Center’s new Monk Seal Hospital in Kona, Hawaii. This new facility designed to help the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal opened its doors in September of 2014 with Ramona in attendance.

Ramona is on the Advisory committee for All One Ocean which is a grass roots organization in Marin County, responsible for setting up cleaning stations on our beaches. The group provides educational and empowerment opportunities for youth of all ages who love their beaches and want to keep them clean.

It is quite clear that ocean health is an extremely important issue for Ramona – she sponsored an Ocean Panel as well as The Cost of Carbon Panel at the 2015 Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley. She is a supporter of Sea Shepherd’s “Infinite Patience” program in Taiji, Japan, which bears witness to the capture and slaughter of innocent Dolphins, with the goal of ending this infamously brutal drive and kill.

In addition to her new role on the film Souls of the Vermilion Sea, Ramona is working with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Operation Milagro – a mission designed to bring attention to the Vaquita’s decline as well as to help with enforcement of Mexico’s new gill net ban. Sea Shepherd is gearing up for the upcoming fishing season in partnership with the government of Mexico to navigate and enforce the illegal poaching practices that are driving the decline of the Vaquita.

Here’s what Ramona had to say about her involvement in this new documentary project:

“I am thrilled to support the important documentary Souls of Vermilion Sea as Executive Producer. Sean Bogle is an accomplished and well educated young filmmaker and I couldn’t be happier to be working with him on this project. Whatever the outcome of the special Vaquita porpoise whose only home, the Sea of Cortez, is being ravaged by greed and ignorance, this story needs to be told. It is my belief that if all concerned people work together on this effort to save the species from dying off, then we will have accomplished something great and worthwhile. What better way to spend the day then protecting a smiley faced porpoise from extinction?”

To learn more about Souls of the Vermilion Sea and to watch our trailer check out the film’s website.

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