Prayer rock in baja desert.

After two and half weeks of filming in San Diego and Ensenada, I have finally made it to San Felipe, Mexico and the Vermilion Sea where the Vaquita reside.  The journey across the Baja peninsula was quite amazing with its habitat variation, wide array of cacti species and beautiful splashes of local culture. Once I reached Highway 5 which is the core vein that stretches towards San Felipe, I saw a sliver of blue along the horizon with a serrated tooth perched in the distance.  This protrusion is appropriately name Jagged Rock.


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During my first evening here, I prepared for a busy day of filming out in the Biosphere Reserve.  I usually prefer to get a lay of the land before I jump right in to activities, so I mingled with locals in the fashion of food and beverage.  I watched the painted landscape fade away into the night before I retired for the evening.  I have this conflicting mood where I am fatigued, but also excited for the next day.  I suppose this is much like anticipating Christmas or a birthday.  Either way I have to close my eyes.

San Felipe, Mexico shoreline.

San Felipe, Mexico shoreline.

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