Position Description: Wild Lens is seeking 1-2 volunteers that have a skill or appreciation in art and conservation. These positions will be assisting in the development of our recent Eyes on Conservation Art Scene (EOCAS) platform. The vision for this platform is to utilize all mediums of art and convey conservation messaging with the task of telling stories about preserving the natural world. It is through this process we wish to inspire others to appreciate our planet and care for it and all its species.


Wild Lens launched the Eyes on Conservation Art Scene and its first exhibit at the Les Boise Film Festival in 2017 with great success. Now that we experienced the positive response to this concept, we want to take it much further beyond exhibits. We are looking for creative individuals that can think outside of mainstream framework. The goal is to craft a narrative using all medi- ums such as painting, drawing, song, dance, theater, etc. and to connect the audience with an understanding of our natural world and the issues that affect it.

To lean more about Eyes on Conservation Art scene: http://wildlensinc.org/film-projects/eyes-on-conservation/art-scene/


These positions include developing creative ideas of how to inform and educate people about conservation issues and discussing solutions. This may be in the form of an art exhibit, a podcast, animation, illustrations etc. We would like these individuals to also contribute their own artistic creations to the platform. In addition to personal art submissions and helping to shape the presentation of art, the volunteers will be responsible for researching and contacting artists and artistic organizations that are currently active in conservation art.

The chosen candidates will collaborate closely with project director, Sean Bogle in seeking funding through donations, sponsorships, and crowd sourcing campaigns for potential projects.

Preferred Qualifications

Excellent communications skills and experience facilitating team meetings

Ability to work remotely. Experience working and coordinating remotely with a team is ideal.

Social media management experience

Fundraising experience – reaching out to potential sponsor organizations would be a big plus, experience with grant writing and/or crowdsource fundraising is also ideal.

A passion for art and conservation is a must!

How to Apply:

Email resume, cover letter, CV and art portfolio (if available) to Sean Bogle: sean@wildlensinc.org


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