Film Making

We want to partner with you or your organization to help you tell a unique story and connect you with people who can make a difference.

It has never been more important for scientists and researchers to effectively connect and collaborate with the general public. Publishing your results in a scientific journal should not be the final stage of a project, but a stepping-stone towards the end goal of disseminating that information to a wider audience. Our EOC producers are experts at finding the message within your scientific research and/or wildlife management program that will resonate with viewers from a general audience.

Why choose video as a medium to convey your message? Video is increasingly becoming the central medium of communication in our culture. No matter what the target audience, we can use video to get eyes and ears on your conservation issue.

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For College/University professors and graduate students:

Your research project should not end with publication in a scientific journal! We want to work with you to expand the reach of your project so that you can walk away knowing that you’ve made a measurable impact.

Many grant applications, including almost all NSF grants now have a “broader impacts” section in which researchers are asked to explain what they will do to reach a larger audience with their project. We can help you fulfill these “broader impacts” requirements!  Shoot us an email explaining your project and the grant you’re applying for and we will help draft a “broader impacts” statement to use in your grant application.

For non-profit and governmental organizations:

Are you struggling to gain traction with a sticky conservation issue? We have experience working on some of the most controversial and politically charged conservation issues out there. We will work closely with your organization to bring deeply divided parties closer together and to disseminate unbiased information about your conservation issue.

Are you working to expand the outreach potential for a conservation issue? Using video as a tool to tell your story can help. There is simply nothing more compelling and inspiring that a well-told story and we’re here to help structure and develop the story behind your organization and/or conservation issue.  Fill out our simple survey to get a quote and start the process of reaching out to a much wider audience!