Footage Licensing



We have a wide variety of high quality HD and 4K footage highlighting wildlife across North America as well as Africa. Our footage has been used in BBC wildlife programing as well as a number of episodes of the popular “Wild About Animals” series. Click here to see examples of available stock footage, or contact us for additional information about licensing footage.



Our footage documenting the work of marine mammal biologists and rehabbers was featured in the new feature length kids movie, Finding Phil!  Watch the trailer below and click the link to purchase the film.


Our footage documenting the work of biologists working with the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal was featured in this episode of the popular show, “Sea Rescue”:

Our footage has been used in several episodes of the popular kids TV series Wild About Animals.  Season 10 of the series featured extended segments on California condor conservation, bird migration research in Idaho, and vulture conservation in East Africa – all of which heavily utilized footage licensed by Wild Lens.

Unfortunately these episodes are no longer available for free online, buy you can watch the trailer for “Wild About Animals” below: