Director, Sean Bogle contemplating this journey and the fate of the Vaquita.

Today marks the official start of our Kickstarter Campaign for the next month!  We need your support to fund our film Souls of the Vermilion Sea and spread awareness about Vaquita.  Please donate and share the campaign!

The film project Souls of the Vermilion Sea has been in the works for 9 months now before we recently decided to start production.  There are so many things that need to be tackled before taking on a venture such as this film project.  Relationships needs to be formed, research needs to be conducted, logistics needs to be choreographed, but nothing prepares you for the mental and emotional involvement of not only creating a film, but also addressing the issue of the extinction of a species, such as the Vaquita.

I’ve thought long and hard about taking on a project of this scale, but when it came down to it there really was no decision to make; my compulsion to aid in the recovery of this species is simply too strong to allow for any other outcome. However, I am not the only one that feels this way.  Throughout my efforts on this project, I have meshed with similar individuals and organizations that believe we can change the outcome for the Vaquita.  It’s this passion that has connected us and will connect others as we continue working to save the Vaquita.  I am very fortunate to be a part of Wild Lens, as this gives me a unique opportunity to present a big picture issue that is very dear to me; protecting all biodiversity on this planet.  Now this comes with many obstacles and frustrations, but every time a little progress is made, it illustrates that persistence and dedication are the tools that I have which enable me to share the story of the Vaquita.  This combined with all the other people that have been on the front lines of Vaquita conservation makes our efforts stronger.  I believe that through the course of this project we will continue to build strength and our impact with be invaluable.

Just within this past week, I have conducted interviews with members of the International Vaquita Recovery Team (CIRVA), US Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement and a world renowned chef that is using “Vaquita Friendly” sustainable seafood in their restaurant.  Through these interviews I have been given insight that triggers more curiosity as to how humans got into this situation of relentless wildlife destruction.  More importantly, when I have completed one of these interviews with the very people that have dedicated their careers and lives to Vaquita, there exists this powerful message; that there is hope.  If everyone were to have hope, the Vaquita would survive.  We must eliminate any doubt that we are unable to protect the Vaquita and embrace shared hope. As self-aware beings, we know how to repair this issue, which is our responsibility as stewards of this planet.


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